Our Mission
The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation develops resources to ensure access to recreation for all Park District residents.

Our Vision
Everyone's life enriched through recreation.

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Since 1958, Tualatin Hills Park Foundation has served the greater Beaverton community by leading philanthropic activities that support projects and programs run by Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD). The Foundation is a recognized charitable non-profit organization.

The Foundation’s charge is to ensure that every person living within THPRD boundaries is able to use the districts's facilities and programs. It provides resources for projects the district cannot fund, making the impossible possible and accelerating projects that would otherwise lack funding.

The Foundation is proud to introduce Access For All, an initiative the Foundation is undertaking in coordination with THPRD to expand inclusive and unifying recreational activities for all members of our community, including:

In 2019, to increase the scope and reach of the Access For All Initiative, the Foundation hired an Executive Director to work with the Board of Trustees. Working together, we want to expand community partnerships and funding opportunities. Contact the Executive Director at executivedirector@thpf.org if you are interested in learning more.


Albert Musick, an attorney for Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD), established Tualatin Hills Park Foundation in 1958 as a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that THPRD would become a permanent legacy for future generations.

The first trustees were Elsie J. Stuhr (founder of THPRD), Virginia Robinson, and James Sare.

Since its inception, THPF has supported THPRD programs by taking the lead on projects that require funding beyond what the Park District can accomplish with tax revenue and user fees.

The Foundation has a proud legacy of supporting programs that allow all people - regardless of age, abilities, income, etc. - better access to THPRD's outstanding parks, facilities and programs.

THPF raised capital to support the inclusive playground at Camp Rivendale, a summer day camp providing recreational opportunities for children and/or young adults who have physical and/or developmental disabilities. Since 1984, more than 10,000 children and adults have enjoyed the joy of camp at Camp Rivendale.

In 2014, the Foundation, in partnership with THPRD, launched the Access For All Initiative to support a future that allows people of all backgrounds and abilities access to the social, emotional and physical benefits of the facilities and programs of the park district.

THPF in 2017 completed a $1.5 million capital campaign and partnered with THPRD to construct the 21.5 acre Mountain View Champions Park. This sports park is unique in the region and designed to serve people of all abilities (see Projects page). THPF raises funding in support of new and expanded programming at THPRD for people experiencing disabilities. It has taken an active role in supporting THPRD's program of financial assistance for individuals and families in low-income situations who could not otherwise afford to participate in recreation.

The Foundation Board of Trustees hired an Executive Director in 2019 to expand the scope and reach of the Access for All Initiative.