Our Mission
The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation develops resources to ensure access to recreation for all Park District residents.

Our Vision
Everyone's life enriched through recreation.

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Access for All

Inclusive Parks

A pathway to community equity

Public recreation spaces, from parks to nature trails, from community centers to athletic fields, are among the greatest public resources we have. For many, shared use of these spaces defines community. For people who feel left behind or left out, increasing access to public parks and recreational spaces can be a gateway to greater inclusion in civic life.

We envision parks as public spaces where people from diverse backgrounds can share civic resources and visibly demonstrate equity and inclusion in action.


Businesses, private contributors, park district, park foundation

Access for All is about effective collaboration to lower barriers for participation in the most visible and popular public spaces — our parks and recreation centers.

Diverse community groups and volunteers work together with THPRD (Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District) to promote a stronger, more integrated community.

Businesses and private donors work together with the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation to build opportunity for equity and inclusion in public parks and recreation spaces.

Benefits to Contributors

Commensurate with level of support:

Participants represented on the Access for All Champions Council contribute $5,000 – $50,000 per year. Multi-year commitments to Access for All are welcomed and encouraged.

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