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Our Mission
The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation develops resources to ensure access to recreation for all Park District residents.

Our Vision
Everyone's life enriched through recreation.

Champions Too Field Project

In conjunction with a 2013 announcement of a land acquistion in Aloha, the Park District announced its intention to build Oregon's first "Champions Too" field for disabled athletes.

The field would be built at a new 20-acre community park south of Mountain View Middle School; construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in 2016. 

The park plan includes space for this synthetic "Champions Too" turf field, engineered specifically for athletes with developmental and physical challenges. It will be constructed if private funding can be secured by the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation and private donors.

Disabled children and adults would have priority use of the "Champions Too" field, which would also be available for general community use when not utilized by special needs athletes.  Though the field would primarily be used for baseball, it could easily be re-tasked for other sports, including baseball, soccer, football and lacrosse. The field would be available year-round, and lighted for evening play.

The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation is excited to partner with THPRD to build a field that is fully accessible for all, the first of its kind in Oregon because standard sports fields present formidable challenges for children and adults with special needs.

THPRD’s Camp Rivendale, Special Olympics’ Miracle League, Little League’s Challenger program, Oregon Disability Sports, and other partners will join THPF and THPRD to provide programs and opportunities for use of this field by children and adult athletes with disabilities.

What makes a sports field a Champions Too field?

  • Wider base paths to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Turf surface that's resilient, yet firm enough to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Larger dugouts to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and crutches.
  • Bases flush with the ground.
  • Deeper backstop area.
  • A field sized to accommodate two teams on the field, the special needs team and the “buddy” team.

This type of field has been built in 40 states, but none currently exists in Oregon.

Who Should Play?

As our economy in Oregon continues to struggle, families are facing tough choices on where to spend their hard-earned money. In many cases, this means that children don’t get the opportunity to participate in programs that will help them become more successful, happy and healthy.

You can help ensure that children get the chance to participate in THPRD's wonderful programs by sending a tax-deductible donation to the Ron Wiloughby "Who Should Play" program. Donate online or send your check to:

The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation
15707 S.W. Walker Rd.
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation

Since 1958, the Tualatin Hills Park Foundation has served as the charitable arm of the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District.

Some People refer to us as "THPF", others simply call us "The Foundation". By any name, we serve to support Park District programs through fundraising efforts.

  • Mission statement: The Tualatin Hills Park Foundation develops resources to ensure access to recreation for all Park District residents.
  • Vision statement: Everyone’s life enriched through recreation.

Why does the district need our help?

THPRD excels at serving the public with available resources, but the needs of the community are greater than those funds. The Foundation exists to provide resources for special projects the district cannot fund. The Foundation can make the impossible possible and can accelerate projects that would otherwise lack funding.

The Park Foundation's charge is to ensure that every person living within the THPRD boundaries is able to use the district's facilities. We want to make sure that physical challenges or economic struggles don't ever get in the way of people enjoying their park district.